The subject of this website

An introduction by George Weber

This Web-site tries to limit itself (if “limit” is quite the right word for our cheerfully open-ended approach) to the time between 100,000 to 10,000 years ago. This period is also known as the Late Pleistocene or Ice Age. We have permitted ourselves stray exursions beyond the self-imposed time limits, provided they are relevant to our subject. Within those limits, our four major areas of interest are:

1. Andamanese Negrito people

2. Other Asian Negrito people (the Thai, Malaysian and Philippine Negritos as well as some Sri Lankan, Indian and Southeast Asian Negrito-like tribes

3. Ancient tribal people world-wide: we are interested in people anywhere in the world that may be as ancient as the Negrito are suspected to be. Such people are the Veddoid in Asia, the Khoisan and the Pygmies in Africa, the Australian aborigines, the Tasmanians, the Papuans, the Melanesians, the Austronesians, the Fuegians as well as some other populations, extinct and living.

4. Following up on the Out-of-Africa theory (also known as the “Great Migration”) is also part of our effort. We look at the Mongolids, the Europids and the Amerind people and ask: when and how did they get to where they are now and how did they become what they are now? We take a special interest in the early human migration out of Africa around 100-60,000 years ago by anatomically modern humans (Homo sapiens) and we look at the obstacles our common ancestors had to overcome (Toba volcano, other Homo species, geograpahical obstacles, etc) and search for traces of all kinds (archaeological, linguistic, genetic, cultural, etc) that may hint at answers to the countless open questions of who, where, when, what, how and why.



What we are on about

The strange lack of variation in the modern human genome

The “Naked Ape” – from animal to human in Africa

The genetic relationships of human races

What made the first humans different?

Pre-humans and earlier Out-of-Africa Migrations

One complication among many: Neanderthal Man

Past environmental changes and human development

Article: Did Toba volcano on Sumatra disrupt the ongoing Great Human Migration Out of Africa?


The Humans who stayed in Africa

Khoisan • Mbuti Pygmies • Negrids (Congoid)

The Southern branch

Negrito • Papuans/Melanesians • Australians • Tasmanians

The Northern branch

Europids • Mongolids • Amerinds

Offshoot of two Branches


Modern Human Races in AD 1500