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In early August 2013, George Weber’s popular website¬† abruptly vanished from the net. Visitors trying to access its wealth of information about the origins, history and culture of the negrito peoples, especially the Andaman Islanders, found themselves directed to a Japanese smart phone seller.



This has its funny side, but alas not for George who has been ill for some time and as a result was unable to renew his domain last June. It was not the best time to learn that sixteen years of devoted work had just gone straight down the drain.

Some quick research on the Wayback Machine and shows that Lifestyle Design Inc of Tokyo (it seems to be a proxy for domain reseller was quick to grab, which it registered on August 5. By August 8 its holding page was in place.

Now it has gone cannot be retrieved, even though Value Domain has no use for it apart from to sell it on. Thanks to the quality of the work that George did over the years the domain is probably quite valuable.

George registered the domain in June 1997 as the home for his researches into the negrito peoples. The site built up a considerable following and in May 2009 hived off a separate video site,

The Awstat figures used for the graphic shown below reflect traffic on both websites (viewed traffic, excluding traffic generated by robots, worms or replies with special HTTP status).

Number of successful hits on and combined



Out of respect for George and his work, and because Lonely Islands was just too valuable to lose, we have created this new website,, a change of just one letter, in order to republish George’s original website page by page. It is going to take a while, but please keep coming back.

Meanwhile, if there is content that you desperately miss, please email